Riverside House

Bed and Breakfast

The Gardens in April 


Though April showers
May come your way,
They bring the flowers
That bloom in May;
And if it's raining,
Have no regrets;
Because, it isn't raining rain, you know,
It's raining violets.

Though it was way back in 1921 that this song was first popularised by
the great Al Jolson the sentiment it expresses is surely timeless.


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Apple blossom down by the river Horse chestnut blossom Coots on the river

grape hyacinth and saxifrage We'll gather lilacs in the spring again Mauve lilac

White lilacDeep purple lilacRhododendron Odee Wright

Greengage blossomMagnoliaSnowflake

Late narcissiPurple lilac and laburnumMauve lilac and laburnumView of house between Chestnut and Willow