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The Gardens

You are very welcome to roam the gardens, which extend to almost two acres. Please click on one of the months below to see pictures taken in that month or scroll down for a general overview of the gardens.

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Riverside House Main EntranceThe house stands well back from the road and is approached down a long gravelled drive. There is a large private parking area behind the house. To the south of the house there is a patio area and an extensiveFlower Festival 2010 - the south lawn lawn, well shaded in hot weather by mature willows and oaks. Beyond the south lawn is a herb garden, first laid out in 2009. This is a practical venture widely used in our Outside Catering business but it is also designed to be a decorative feature as it continues to mature. Garden path with lilacs

To the north of the house there are further areas of lawn with shrubs and mature trees whilst other areas remain uncultivated.  The overgrown sunken garden and pond, known as "The Dingley Dell," is currently in course of restoration.

Other parts have been left for the benefit of the abundant wildlife. Garden view towards the riverYou may well see some Muntjak deer or a fox wandering across the lawn or if you are really lucky a "bambi" or fox cubs playing on the grass.  Ferdie Pheasant and Tom and Barbara the greedy ducks are almost pets. Our constant efforts to hang bird feeders so the squirrels cannot reach them have been to little avail for years. But this year Caroline's rather unusual choice of a St Valentine's Day present - a nut feeder totally enclosed by a steel cage - at last seems to have done the trick.

Further on you will pass the bungalow built in the 1930's, now only used for storage. This was the original building on the land, known at that time as Boathouse Close.

The garden enjoys some 100 feet of frontage to a backwater of the river Great Ouse. Beyond the opposite bank, way across the water meadows, the spire of Houghton village church can be seen. When the meadows flood, as they do every year as part of the overall drainage scheme, they can present a dramatic sight, especially at sunset.

The river looking towards HoughtonYou are very welcome to enjoy some good coarse fishing from the bank. You may prefer to feed the ducks and swans or you may catch a glimpse of a coot or a grebe, a heron or even that flash of startling blue which tells you a kingfisher has just flown by. In summer months you can be sure to marvel at the stunning colours of the dragonflies.

If you have time do please have a wander round the gardens or sit and pause awhile on the patio or on one of the benches. You will not find immaculate flower beds but there are some impressive trees and attractive shrubs. You will also find many very pretty wild flowers. We hope you enjoy the peaceful ambiance.